Welcome to the demo for FLAT file CMS (Open promo video)

You can login here to see a demo of FLAT file CMS. Because this is a demo none of the changes will be saved.

For the admin login you can use (name) admin - (pass) 1 or as user (name) user - (pass)  1

FLATCMS is one of the most simple Content Management System (CMS) there is. With FLATCMS the owner of a website can easily edit the content. This doesn't require any knowlegde about websites or HTML.

You can install FLATCMS in any existing website or just use a html template. You provide the HTML-files with some editable region tags. FLATCMS will then know which parts it's allowed to edit. It doesn't matter if you made the HTML-files yourself or if they're made by software like Dreamweaver, Frontpage, Studio Webdesign, WebCreator etc.

As an Administrator you have your own login code. This allows you to easily change the configuration, like hiding certain folders, switch on/off buttons for various properties settings in the (WYSIWYG) Editor or changing the language and set the login code for a user.


It's really easy to install FLAT CMS.

  1. Just put some tags (<!-- InstanceBeginEditable name="one" --> and <!-- InstanceEndEditable -->) around the areas in your website that may be updated.
  2. Upload the files to your server.
  3. Install FLATCMS on your website and login. (upload the dir admin)
  4. Take a look at the install manual (included in the installation wizzard)

FLATCMS will directly scan you website for files with these tags and allow a user to edit these regions.


In the overview below you can view the features of FLAT CMS.


  • Manage pages
  • Upload, resize and manage images and files
  • Adjust title, description and keywords for each page for better SEO
  • The responsive cms can be used on a desktop, tablet or smartphone
  • Works with language files (currently available in English, Spanish, German and Dutch)


  • Automatic CSS for the WYSIWYG Editor or overwrite with your own
  • Your own administrator-login
  • Uses TinyMCE 5 as WYSIWYG editor and Roxyfileman
  • Create in minutes a cms for a client with only static html files
  • If you use an js_underscore before the name the textarea will not be using the WYSIWYG editor but a plain textarea. Great for editing advanced menu's or js parts. Example <!-- InstanceBeginEditable name="js_menu" -->
  • There are two more prefixes. ts_ With this one only a few buttons will appear in the WYSIWYG (bold,italic and colors) and nm_ Setting this will overrule the metatags and they will not appear. The user won't see these prefixes only the admin
  • Set debug to true for any errors
  • Set FLATCMS into demo mode. None of the changes will be saved then.
  • Use prefixes for different textarea's. Plain textarea, js buttons or WYSIWYG


  • Uses Bootstrap
  • Optimal security (brute force protection)
  • xHTML valid sourcecode
  • PHP 5/8

More DEMO examples

I also made a small demo with a one page bootstrap template and flatcms. Go to http://bootstrap.flatcms.nl/ and look into the source how I added the editable regions. Go to http://bootstrap.flatcms.nl/admin/ to log in and see how it looks like in the admin ( login admin - 1 ). I made this example in 10 minutes !


You can easily add some of my other plugins to the TinyMCE wysiwyg like my TinyMCE 4 plugin Youtube search and insert , TinyMCE 4 plugin Flickr image search and place


1. During the installation I get the error "The test-file on the FTP cannot be found with....".
This almost always means that the field "FTP" » "Root directory" is not filled in correctly. Open your FTP program and browse to the root of the website, where you see your html-files. Put this current path (for example /httpdocs/) in the installation field "FTP" » "Root directory". Click again on "Install".

2. FLATCMS is installed correctly, but it doesnt show any files to edit.
There can be 2 problems which cause this to happen.

  • 1. You didn't add the (correct!!) editable region-tags. Please read the installation manual for more information how-to integrate the editable region-tags.
  • 2. The root directory where the CMS is installed on, doesnt allow the CMS to read a list of the files. Please CHMOD the root directory to "755", "766" or "777" and try again.

3. FLATCMS worked before, but now I get errors or it doesnt function anymore. Whats wrong?
The environment probably changed. Maybe the webhosting, ftp logins or paths on the webserver changed. Open the config.php and remove the username and password values. Save the file and upload it to the FTP. This will force the installation to start. Follow the installation procedure and afterwords the CMS has to function normal again.

4. My css doesn't work in the WYSIWYG
Then you probally have an advanced website and FLATCMS cannot read the css properly. You can overule the automatic css by editing the editor.css file which can be found in the admin dir

5. Some things seems not to work
Open the admin/config.php and set DEBUG_MODE to 1. In case of any errors they will show up on screen.

6. Copy pages doesn't work
Some host has blocked php from creating files. Use the ftp settings in the configuration to overcome this issue.

7. Remove spaces from the js and plain textarea
Open admin/index.php and find ' . $html . '</textarea> and change to ' . preg_replace( '/\h+/', ' ', $html) . '</textarea>

There are four prefixes which you can set before the region name
ts_ With this one only a few buttons will appear in the WYSIWYG (bold,italic and colors)
nm_ Setting this will overrule the metatags and they will not appear
js_ With this one the textarea will not be using the WYSIWYG editor but a plain textarea. Great for editing advanced menuís or js parts.
tx_ Only a textarea will be used. (no WYSIWYG or JS buttons)